You probably know that a REALTOR does more than just post a FOR SALE sign on your front lawn, or guide potential buyers through your home.  But how much more?  What exactly will a real estate agent do for you?

Taking the time upfront to understanding what you should expect from your agent will help to reduce misunderstandings, and make the selling process less mysterious and stressful.  You'll be able to anticipate what's going to happen next, be prepared to ask the right questions along the way, and be aware of whether your REALTOR is meeting expectations.

Typically, you should expect that a good real estate agent will:

  • Explain the Listing Agreement to you. (This is your contract with the real estate firm).
  • Describe the home selling process, and answer all your questions and concerns.
  • Prepare a realistic appraisal based on the expected market value of your home, by comparing it to similar property sales in your area.
  • Provide you with advice on how to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, especially during showings and open houses.
  • Create a comprehensive marketing plan to promote your home.
  • Screen enquiries, schedule appointments, and show your home to potential buyers.
  • Field offers from potential buyers, deal with counter-offers, and negotiate the best terms and selling price possible for your home.
  • Help you throughout the entire selling processs to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

These services should be the minimum you expect from a good agent.  The best agents will actually do more.  They will be there for you in the weeks, months and even years after the sale to make sure everything continues to go smoothly in your new home.